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11th International Regional STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference (North America)

International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Society (ISBS)

An annual international event gathering scientists and psychiatrists from around the world to share an interest in stress-evoked brain disorders in both humans and animals.


stress, fear; anxiety, depression

neurogenetics of stress

neuromediators and transporters

neurosteroids in the CNS

neurochemistry and neurophysiology of stress

neuropsychopharmacology and neuroendocrinology

experimental models of behavior

stress, memory and learning

psychophysiology and neuropsychology


general psychiatry

neuroethology and human ethology

other brain/behavioral disorders

gene x environment interactions

translational research in biological psychiatry

biomarkers of stress

Key words: stress, behavior, neuroscience, psychiatry, biopsychiatry, pharmacology, genetics, anxiety, mental health

Conference language: English           

Jun 2017
Jun 2017

Address details

4333 Collins Ave
Miami Beach,
United States

Location information

Holiday Inn Miami Beach-Oceanfront