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Autism, ADHD and Developmental Disabilities through the Lifespan Hawaiian Islands Cruise

Continuing Education, Inc


  • Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  • Prematurity and its Consequences
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Children’s Environmental Health
  • Environmental Health Disparities
  • Safe and Healthy School Environments
  • Medical Care for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • ADHD in Children
  • ADHD in Adults
  • Autism in Children
  • Autism and Fragile X in Adults
  • Asperger’s Disorder
  • Behavioral Management
  • Understand the concept of developmental disabilities in children and have a context for diagnosis and management
  • Appreciate the vulnerability of premature infants and the neurodevelopmental consequences
  • Have an improved understanding of cerebral palsy and the complexities of management
  • Appreciate environmental factors that can affect the health of children
  • Appreciate that children who grow up in low income and underserved communities are more vulnerable to adverse environmental factors
  • Begin to appreciate the environmental factors operating in schools and what can be done to improve the conditions
  • Learn about the variety of medical complications associated with a variety of developmental disabilities
  • Determine and implement the multimodal treatment of ADHD
  • Employ ADHD screening practices for adults with ADHD
  • Describe the medical problems co-occurring with autism in childhood
  • Explain the impact of autism and other special needs on the family, including siblings, parents, and grandparents
  • Implement screening for Asperger’s disorder in medical practices
  • Identify common behaviors in childhood and develop treatment strategies for them
Jan 2017
Jan 2017

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United States

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Aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America