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IMMH Presents: Integrative Therapies for Anxiety and Depression

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH)

If you see patients who struggle with anxiety and depression and you are looking for new ways to help them, this interactive workshop will provide you with practical information that you can implement in your practice immediately. If you are searching for ways to find the true root causes of many symptoms of anxiety and depression and help your patients heal, while reducing the need for pharmaceutical medications when possible, this workshop is for you. Have you attended the annual IMMH Conference? This workshop will be an excellent follow-up to the conference and will help you go from theory to mastery of the principles discussed there.  
Two-day, intensive workshop
Led by IMMH Scientific Advisory Board members
Limited registration for more interaction
Focus on practical application and real dialogue
Clinical application of specific integrative laboratory testing and therapies
Case study discussions
'Ask-the-expert' forum to address specific cases in your practice
Submit your most difficult cases to our workshop leaders in advance
Continue the discussion after the workshop by joining the IMMH Yahoo discussion group online
Attendance makes you eligible to join the IMMH Clinician Registry
Mar 2017
Mar 2017

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1441 Quivira Rd.
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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina