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Innovations and State of the Art In Dementia Research


Innovinc International invites you to participate in the “Innovations and State of the Art In Dementia Research will takes place on Sep 07 - 09, 2017, Rome, Italy with the theme "Delivering on dementia: new models of care". Dementia is a national challenge and has ramifications for the health and social care system, as well as wider society. Dementia mostly affects aged people; Dementia is a disorder, more often it is of chronic or progressive nature, developed by an assortment of brain illnesses that influence thinking, memory, behaviour and ability to perform daily activities. Dementia is overwhelming for the general population who have it, as well as for their caregivers and families.

Building on the progress made in dementia care, a key theme of our conference was to showcase and learn from what works. The conference aims to provide guidance in the advancement of clinical studies for the treatment of dementia fusing new research information and experiences from the most recent clinical trials and development programs. The scientific sessions addresses not just the Alzheimer's disease as the most widely recognized type of dementia, however ought to be relevant to different types of dementia as vascular dementia, dementia connected with Parkinson's disease and Lewy Body Disorder, Huntington's disease or fronto-temporal dementia too.

Sep 2017
Sep 2017

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Viale Shakespeare 29

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Hotel dei Congressi