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Mayo Clinic Frontiers in Addiction Treatment 2017

Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development

This course will provide an update on the assessment and treatment of addictive disorders with an emphasis on the newest information relevant to practicing addiction treatment professionals. It will focus on the frontiers of evidence-based treatment of alcohol and drug use disorders in a range of treatment populations including adolescent and underserved groups. Topics will range from assessment techniques to novel psychosocial and pharmacologic treatment interventions. The Mayo Clinic model of addiction treatment has long included state-of-the-art psychiatric assessment and innovative treatment of co-morbid psychiatric disorders by a multidisciplinary team. This course will discuss the implications of co-morbid psychopathology on addiction recovery and new models of incorporation of psychological and psychiatric interventions into primary and post-primary addiction treatment.

Nov 2017

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1001 14th Street NW
Rochester, 55901
United States

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Assisi Heights