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Philosophy and Psychiatry: Mind, Value and Mental Health

University of Oxford

Two linked events for philosophers, scientists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, and service users. 

3rd Oxford Summer School in Philosophy and Psychiatry: 13-14 July 2017

An interactive, two-day summer school delivered by experts in the field with guest lectures and seminars on topics including philosophical psychopathology, empathy, trauma, depression/bipolar disorder and epistemic injustice and psychiatry.

Sessions will consist of presentations by seminar leaders, and collaborative talks providing opportunities for substantial dialogue between philosophers, clinicians, scientists and others.

To facilitate the discussion, participants will be sent a targeted reading list, and are encouraged to come to the School (if they wish) having prepared relevant material from their own experience - as clinicians, service users etc. - to share with the group (suitably anonymised if necessary).

2nd International Conference in Philosophy and Psychiatry: 15 July 2017

A one-day conference featuring international keynote speakers and short presentations from graduate students and recent post-doctoral researchers.

Venue: St Hilda’s College, Oxford - a fabulous setting with excellent residential facilities and ideal for networking.

Jul 2017
Jul 2017

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