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Dr Lynn DeLisi discusses the clinical implications of her genetic research, SIRS 2014, Florence, Italy - Part 2/2

Dr. Lynn DeLisi 02

Dr DeLisi is inpatient Attending Psychiatrist in Brockton, VA, as well Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Editor-in-Chief of Schizophrenia Research. In Part 2 of her interview, Dr De Lisi discusses the importance of keeping clinical implications in mind when conducting genetic research, and the great progress made towards having a clinically useful way of identifying significant risk factors in patients.

Watch also the first part of the interview where DeLisi evaluates what genetics and neuroimaging have contributed to our understanding of schizophrenia.

Suggested article for further reading: The relationship between default mode network connectivity and social functioning in individuals at familial high-risk for schizophrenia

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